About Us

We are ready to share our expertise and experience with you

With experience across multiple industries, and expertise in the Financial Services Sector, we can assist you through the toughest of interview processes.  Having worked alongside the highest profile graduate employers, we are here to mentor you to success.

We understand the prep and depth of knowledge required. We know how applications are scored and what makes them successful. We are ready to share our knowledge with you.

Nadia has 10 years in-house experience at Deutsche Bank as Head of Brand Recruiting and a further 15 years consulting, Nadia is well placed to give you the advice you need.

You will understand:

  1. Why employers make offers / reject graduates
  2. What makes a winning application and how to stand out
  3. How to have the X-Factor required to land multiple job offers

Whether you are at the start of the process or having problems getting through to final round, Nadia will work with you and assess where you need assistance. 

Our Interns:

Chat to Recent Interns, Year Placement Students and Full-Time Graduates who will share their experiences with you:

By booking a session with a recent graduate or intern you will learn first hand from their experiences. We have many final year students on our books who have recently completed an internship or placement who are ready to assist you. 

Email Nadia@nailyourinterview.co.uk to discuss your requirements and be connected with the most suitable graduate mentor.

We are RECRUITING! Recent INTERNS!  Are you an intern who has recently completed an internship or placement? 

Boost your income and get in touch Nadia@nailyourinterview.co.uk

What Happens Next?

By booking a Nail it! session you will:

  1. Quickly understand what you need to focus on and how to prepare
  2. Understand your strengths, areas to develop and how to sell yourself 
  3. Learn from an experienced recruiter with 20 years' experience recruiting graduates in the financial services sector
  4. Engage with recent interns who have completed internships and work placement within the sector

Go to Testimonials to see how we have coached others to success and take a look at the Interview Hints Blog.

You set your agenda.  Here are some topics we frequently cover:

  • Too busy at uni and overwhelmed? Don't worry.  We will map out your opportunities - tailored to you. 
  • Flagging early Opportunities explained - when to apply and which programmes to apply to; Degree Apprenticeships, Spring Weeks, Summer Internships, Career Competitions and more...
  • Preparing for interview - online applications, telephone / video assessments, pitch practice via Zoom, psychometric testing, assessment centres with real questions used by employers today
  • Ongoing Mentoring  - which companies/sector/industry to apply to and what employers look out for
  • Focus - choosing your career path/sector within an industry, how to demonstrate your commitment and drive
  • Increasing your value and visibility to employers.  Tips and action plan to build a profile of extra curricular skills that will WOW employers
  • Psychometric tests - how to practice and the most preferred employer tests.  It is very rare not to undergo a psychometric test, so don't overlook this stage in the process
  • Recognising your key skills recruiters refer to this as "matching your skills to their opportunity".   Understanding your value and "personal brand" is key. If you cannot promote yourself, how can you convince your employer you can promote them?
  • Feedback and guidance - book a mock interview before your real interview.  The reality is you won't be given feedback.  Our mock interviews and feedback sessions are invaluable.
  • Invaluable tips to stay ahead of your competition, stay in tune with the relevant recruiter information you need.

These are just a few ideas..... we will tailor our advice to meet your individual needs.  However basic your questions may seem, we can help.