How does a Nail It! Session Work?


Book in for sessions with:

  1. Our Experienced Graduate Recruiter with over 20 years experience hiring graduates
  2. A Recent Intern who can tell you about the process and their experiences, first hand



Nadia has interviewed thousands of graduates and will coach you to succes. Our recent interns are invaluable for first-hand real advice. This combined approach will prepare you for the most gruelling of interviews.


  1. Get advice about the process and hear tips on how to be successful from our recent interns
  2. Receive coaching on how to pitch yourself like a professional
  3. Understand the concepts behind the technical and behavioural questions
  4. Learn how to make your personal stories fit to every employer and scenario
  5. Learn what to say - what employers want to hear and the level of knowledge required

What will actually happen during a Nail It Session?

Coaching sessions will meet your specific needs.  Send an email to start a conversation and we can work out a plan.

Don't know where to start?

Need help getting started? Nadia will quickly assess where you need assistance and come up with an affordable plan of action.

I keep getting rejected ! 

Have you been unsuccessful and need advice to work out where you are going wrong?.  Book a session to review your past applications and interviews so we can assist you.   Mock interviews can be really valuable here.  We may even recreate your interview and evaluate your performance. 

Many students find that they are on the right track and just need a few tweaks and guidance.

Your options:

1 Nail It Session £60

5 Nail It Sessions £55 per session

1 Introductory session 30 minutes - £30

For a session with a recent intern email to discuss your requirements.  We will try to make the best match

How about sharing sessions with a friend? Referrals receive 20% off your first session and so does your friend.