Taylor - FinTech Graduate Applicant

Nadia was absolutely amazing, she helped me with all aspects of my career journey. From the initial phone call we tailored the specific areas I needed to address in finding a graduate job. From day one my understanding of what’s needed to successfully land a job increased. Nadia helped me with everything from increasing the quality of my CV and cover letters to helping me find roles I would genuinely enjoy post-education. The area I felt most beneficial was in preparing me and boosting my confidence before interviews, I went in with a clear mind and prepared for the questions ahead. I couldn’t recommend Nadia more!!!!

Anonymous summer intern Corporate Finance

I honestly dont know how I would have survived this process had it not been for Nadia's guidance.  Multiple rejects made me disheartened and lack confidence in myself.  Nadia helped me to understand that this is a numbers game and that practice makes perfect.  She taught me how to convey myself professionally with passion, drive and humility - 3 key skills she told me that banks look for.  She was right. I approached it completely differently after 3 sessions with Nadia.  Instead of auto rejections, I now have 3 invites to final round.

Maths undergraduate Final Year Student, Oxford University

I am predicted a first in my degree in Maths at Oxford and I thought that I would be naturally suited to a career in a bank.  After having 4 applications rejected during the early stages for FT graduate roles I approached Nadia.  She highlighted so many things that I had not even thought were important to be successful.  She gave me a completely different perspective on what was expected of me.  I am now developing how I come across with Nadia and hope for success

Neneh - HSBC Global Banking and Markets

Nadia has played an important role and has been a key support throughout my graduate application process. After finishing university, I still didn’t know what career path to follow. I had regular meetings with Nadia, where she helped me identify my skills, what I enjoyed doing and highlighted career options where both my skills and job satisfaction would be maximised. My classes with Nadia boosted my confidence and helped me be fully prepared for interviews and assessment centres. Following receiving a place on the graduate HSBC Global Banking programme, Nadia advised me on the advantages of working in the different banking sectors and the career progression, connections and bonuses associated with each.

Elin - Inside Government

Nadia recently provided me with some extremely useful guidance on how to formulate my CV to make it more clear and concise.She was extremely thorough, friendly but most importantly honest. I would highly recommend her services to any careers service and she certainly seems fit to be running her own.

Vasillis -  Kantor Booz & Co Affiliate

Nadia is very passionate about investing in candidates and helping them to maximise their potential, through her coaching and mentoring service. She helps & coaches young professionals to help them navigate through today's complex and increasingly faceless selection process. She uses a very professional way of approaching, brainstorming, building up and explaining a reasonable and well-structured thought process to me. Her advise and support played a determining role to my career switch.

Amy - Brand Manager The Body Shop

Nadia provided me with excellent graduate job application advise and guidance. Her expertise allowed me to drastically improve my competency in constructing effective and successful answers to graduate job applications and cover letters.

Elin - Airbus Year Placement

I asked Nadia for advice on how to come across in a telephone interview and further on how to prepare for an assessment center. She was beyond helpful by providing me with excellent skills and knowledge as well as preparation tasks. An instance of just how helpful Nadia has been is through conducting a mock telephone interview with me, leaving me feeling like a confident, prepared undergraduate. Most significantly, Nadia's help and advice made a large contribution to the fact I was offered a year in industry with Airbus group.