Arthur - Spring Intern (Jeffries, Lazard, UBS) 

I thoroughly recommend Nadia - she has been an absolute powerhouse for supercharging my personal development. I have had the privilege of working with her over the last few months, and our sessions have been a game-changer for my approach to recruiting. Nadia has deep knowledge of the sector and goes above and beyond in providing tailored advice, even outside our sessions. She is genuinely invested in helping others succeed, and she's taught me so much about building confidence and acing interviews. Whether you're a student or a seasoned professional looking to level up, I wholeheartedly recommend booking a session with Nadia. Trust me - you won't regret it!

Dan - Analyst Jefferies

Nadia has supported me through the process of successfully getting a Summer internship. She really knows her stuff - The wider financial services industry, the recruitment process, and exactly what it takes to differentiate yourself at interview. Really can't recommend her highly enough!

Alicia - Michael Page

Nadia’s support and advice has been absolutely phenomenal. I learnt more in an hour with her than I could’ve imagined and her insight and resources were invaluable! Nadia’s in-depth knowledge of finance means that she’ll be able to help you achieve any goal. My understanding of how to stand out in the application process has grown significantly. Besides the session we had, she has continuously encouraged me over the past few months and I really appreciate the confidence boost she’s given me! I thoroughly recommend her engaging, interactive and enjoyable sessions to anyone with an interest in finance.

Gabrielle - Mizuho

Nadia played a very vital role in me securing my summer internship. She really took the time to give me very detailed feedback from my job interviews, which has helped massively with future job applications. I would highly recommend Nadia because she was such a great help in improving my interview technique!

Sam - Digital Marketing Manager

My 1-hour session with Nadia was invaluable in allowing me to realign my professional objectives and refresh my character profile. An in-depth analysis of my CV, cover letter and LinkedIn profile identified key areas that I can improve to help me stand out to recruiters, and I feel a lot more confident navigating the daunting world of finding a full-time role. I highly recommend students to get in touch to ensure you have all the tools needed to present yourself in the best way possible. Thank you, Nadia!

Harsha - Freelancer, Dance Movement Therapy Trainee

Came across one on one interview training from Nail your interview institute, and i recently completed the Free one on one interview training session.
I must say the tips and tricks taught by Nadia is definitely bridging the gap between company's requirements and what is taught in college.
The session was well structured and doubts were cleared very patiently..

Sam - Politics & Economics, University of Exeter, Mizuho Summer Intern

I highly recommend Nadia – I have attended several of her fantastic workshops that have helped develop my commercial awareness and application strategies. I remain impressed by Nadia’s positivity which was vital to ensure that I remained resilient and focused during my applications. Throughout my conversations with Nadia, she continued to go above and beyond my expectations. I have no doubt that these workshops were hugely important for me in securing my next internship.

Gary - Director, Parent

Nadia has been brilliant in preparing my son for interviews for apprenticeships and work experience. His confidence has significantly grown over the sessions with Nadia and he is a typical 18 year old who won't listen to Mum or Dad! Nadia completes all the research on the companies and provides that critical commercial awareness. In the sessions Nadia goes through the process of what these large companies are looking for in candidates and does this by going through mock interview practice and critique, teaching taking ownership and accountability. These skills are unfortunately not taught in schools and the whole interview process can be very daunting for these young adults. Nadia is constantly in touch with my son providing news updates on the companies where he is applying and also has gone through techniques with him for answering competency based interview questions. Nadia was recommended to me by an ex-colleague, as she had helped his son attain an apprenticeship and by experiencing Nadia's unique skill set we know why he was successful!

Lareena - Parent, Morgan Stanley

Nadia has been absolutely brilliant for our son, Sebastian. A complete wrap around package helping him prepare for university and apprenticeships. She has deep knowledge, takes a lot of time to help him understand content and process, develop his communications skills and most importantly she always encourages and helps him to believe in himself.
Nadia has also invested many hours researching opportunities and helping Sebastian to build his commercial awareness to support his studies in maths, physics and economics - and his next step.
Her support has been invaluable and the rapport Nadia has built with him has been much appreciated too. It’s such a complex time for young people of this age and without her guidance and coaching, would have been much harder! Thx so much Nadia, would highly recommend you’re skills and services.

Emilia - Associate, Investec

Nadia's help proved invaluable in successfully navigating the graduate recruitment process. I developed confidence and learnt how to talk about my experience with maximum impact. She also helped me understand the nuances of hiring in IB/AM (i.e., what the assessors are really looking for). The 'standard advice' I got at university wasn't cutting it for finance roles.

Gabriela EY successful Graduate

Nadia is really passionate about helping students fulfill their goals and she has helped me with advice on how to increase the quality of my CV and cover letters, as well as explaining the interview process. She is very knowledgeable about how to support your application in different roles. I would recommend university students to get in touch with her because she is a fantastic coach!

Steph - Chairman Walden Capital

I have recommended several people to Nadia.
They are individuals that I have either mentored or offered help to in the early stage of their career.
Despite making many hires, even a graduate level, I found that I was not able to offer the same level of expertise and hence asked Nadia for her help. She was the missing piece of the puzzle.
She builds an excellent rapport with her clients and spends an extensive amount of time understanding what their qualities are and being able to apply those to the job application process.
She is also very clear with her feedback - either constructive criticism or help in developing their strengths.
She also understands what an employer wants - This is vital as it saves time and effort for both the applicant and the potential employer.

If you want to succeed in an interview - Contact Nadia
If you want a more efficient and successful recruitment campaign - Contact Nadia.

Kieron - 18 year old school leaver apprenticeship student / aspiring to work in Financial Services

Nadia has been helping my son apply for school leaver apprenticeships in the FS Sector. Her experience, enthusiasm and knowledge of the industry and processes used by employers have been invaluable and the online sessions they've had have been incredibly useful in building his confidence, giving him structure and quality content for his interviews and providing a huge support amount and encouragement. Would highly recommend for anyone looking to get onto the first rung of their career ladder.

Paul - Parent 18 year old school leaver apprenticeship student / aspiring to work in Financial Services

Nadia provided an excellent service for my son in preparing for Apprenticeships. She carefully went through interview preparation, researching an organisation, building a network and generally encouraging and supporting him to be confident in a situation that would be new to most 18 year olds. She is very enthusiastic and shows a lot of passion for supporting young people.

Sarah - Editor, eFinancial Careers

Nadia is a graduate recruiter with a genuine and passionate interest in helping young people achieve the most they can. She's an inspiration and an expert in helping banks and financial services firms to find the best talent.

Julian - Parent to recent graduate looking for career guidance for his son

It was great to see Nadia giving her inspiring webinar ‘Nail your Interview’. Our son has just left university in what has got to be the toughest environment ever and will need all the help he can get. I firmly believe Nadia has helped him move from a rather shambolic venture into the job market, to a structured, considered and far more successful journey. Since applying her recommended techniques and practices, he has secured job interviews he would most certainly not have been considered for previously. Nadia’s webinar reflected her extensive experience and was ’’channeled’’ into giving motivating and practical advice that could be put in place immediately. I would highly recommend Nadia to any school leaver or graduate looking to fulfil their potential with job search assistance and interview skills – it worked for my son!

Sana - Computer Science undergraduate

As a student attending Nadia's "Nail your Interview" webinar and listening to all the useful knowledge she had to share, it is clear that her passion lies in helping to empower young individuals hoping to enter the highly competitive job market. I was able to leave with invaluable information which will help me with any future job applications. Thank you, Nadia! 

Jordan - PKF Graduate

Nadia has put extensive time and effort into helping me attain a summer internship. Really getting to know my attributes and weaknesses, Nadia was able to provide me with the best advice and steer me in the right direction to kickstart a successful career. I would highly recommend Nadia to anyone in the same scenario as I was in a year ago. Her recent voluntary webinars highlight the commitment and desire to help out her clients. Thank you for all your help.

Amanda - Parent, 2 undergraduate daughters

With two daughters at university, it was fantastic to listen in to Nadia’s recent “Nail your Interview” webinar and hear her impart such valid and excellent advice on how to take the first steps along the (often overwhelming) path to your preferred career. Her unquestionable enthusiasm to help young people be successful; the passion with which she imparts her messages; and, moreover, the relevance of her advice based on her many years of experience both within the business/recruitment world and as a parent herself, made attending her webinar an invaluable experience for both my daughters and for me. To date, my daughters’ careers advice has been mainly based on online profile assessments carried out at senior school, with little advice on the application process itself. To access such excellent, comprehensive and comprehensible careers advice, all within the space of an hour, has truly been a godsend. My daughters now have direction, are already proactively pursuing Nadia’s recommendations and I, as a parent, cannot thank her enough for her support, which I know will be ongoing.

Richard - Parent, 6th form student considering university and apprenticeship options

As a parent of a student seeking high quality advice on potential careers in business and finance, Nadia provided excellent advice and guidance, ensuring my son had a good understanding of the paths to his preferred career and the best options for success including potential university options. She continues to provide links to interesting options and avenues we hadn’t previously explored. Very professional and highly proactive.

Francesca - undergraduate and successful spring week applicant

During Nadia's recent webinar, she provided me with invaluable advice for interviews and career development in a coherent and engaging manner. It is clear that her passion is to empower young individuals. I recommend Nadia to anyone requiring guidance with their applications!

Sinem - Undergraduate

Having attended one of Nadia’s interview preparation webinars, I can wholeheartedly recommended her for any career coaching services. She was engaging, honest and very clear when giving advice and made sure that no one left with any unanswered queries or questions. Thank you, Nadia!

Karim - undergraduate, successful grad entering investment banking

Nadia has provided me with unparalleled advice through her amazing webinar about nailing your interview and career development! She did a fantastic job in explaining the differing stages of the interview process in such an engaging, and easy to understand manner, whilst maintaining lots of detail. Nadia is extremely friendly and passionate about helping others to strive and achieve their goals. She is a fantastic coach and so, I'd highly recommend her services!

Milly - summer intern entering Risk

Thank you Nadia for today’s webinar on interview skills. I found it really informative and feel I now have a good place to start when thinking about my upcoming spring week/ summer internship applications. Would definitely recommend to other uni undergraduates!

Rene - Undergraduate

Amazing webinar by Nadia sharing her expertise on interview skills and career development. She shared great insights and tips for each interview level. i would really recommend to get in touch if you are looking for useful insights!

Maddy - Production Assistant

Great webinar by Nadia sharing her expertise on interview skills and career development. She gave us some great insights and tips for the interview rounds. Lots of information to take away, thanks Nadia!

Rane - Fund Manager

Nadia helped me with my concerns over the university and A level choices and made it clearer for me to understand the next steps in my career....thank you and hope to stay in touch Nadia !

Brian - Aspiring computer Scientist 

It was fantastic to have Nadia as one of InvestIn's 'Young Computer Scientist' program career coaches. Her extremely friendly, helpful and an insightful attitude made it much more easier for our group to have discussions about our careers with her. She's a dedicated and experienced person and I know that I can count on her for valuable advice for my career. 

Natalie - parent to Oxford English undergrad student

Nadia’s passion and support in her role as Mentor to our daughter was excellent. I always found Nadia to be approachable, v friendly and supportive of my daughter and myself when my daughter was applying for internship programs. Nadia never let things slip through the net: she would always bring to our attention any upcoming and application dates/deadlines, plus she’s very up to dates on lots of internship programs companies run for students. This was the most valuable information! It saved a lot of time reading through all the websites etc..she was a big help in navigating the sometimes tricky application process. I also appreciated her sense of responsiveness towards any outstanding issues that needed to be resolved fairly quickly, and kept to strict company deadlines. Nadia gave our daughter many valuable interview tips and suggestions, plus she is very straightforward, professional, polite and most importantly very honest. She gets things done, she’s a closer! I look forward to continue working with her as she supports our daughter, and hopefully our other two children once they are ready to start their job search : I know our kids will be in good hands!

Chester - Finance Graduate

Nadia's helped tailor my job application towards specific companies that i wished to apply for, making the process focused and efficient. I received some invaluable feedback on interviews and how to approach writing cover letters and CVs, allowing me to be more confident in the future when applying for jobs. Nadia is very honest and friendly I highly recommend her services to anyone just out of university applying for a job , I especially liked how personal the experience was making the process more detailed and fun.

Stanimira - First Class Business & Management Student

Nadia’s seminars and Q&A sessions have helped me greatly in my preparation for the graduate role search in consulting in the upcoming autumn. I have learned so much about how graduate schemes are managed, how to handle challenging interview questions and how to work on the group case studies during interviews. Nadia is a fantastic coach and I highly recommend to get in touch with her when it comes to graduate applications.

Tim - UCL economics - triple success spring week candidate Blackstone, Perella Weinberg & Barclays

Provides highly informative and insightful sessions, in an easy to understand manner. Would highly recommend her services.

Karan - successful intern Mizuho

Nadia's guidance, advice and insights into recruitment by banks has been hugely beneficial to me. Given her strong expertise in the financial services industry at all levels, speaking to Nadia has exponentially increased my knowledge of the industry. Her guidance is always given in a clear and understandable way and Nadia will ensure you are able to fully understand how to put her advice into practical use. It has always been a pleasure to speak to Nadia.

Meg - analyst at Deloitte

I first started working with Nadia when I needed some help and guidance on how to pave my way towards the world of consulting. Nadia has strong expertise in the finance sector which meant that as a career's coach, she had a whole plethora of resources and great insight into the industry. In the first two hours I met with Nadia, I learned more about consulting and increasing my employability than I thought would be possible! Nadia's experience in this line of work shines through from her clear cut plans, strategic thinking and great insider tips. The best thing about having Nadia as a career's coach is that the sessions are completely personalised and tailored to the individual's needs - it didn't feel like I was having copied content regurgitated at me but rather Nadia would listen to exactly what I had done, figure out where I was lacking, provide guidance, support and a whole range of varied and accessible resources. Nadia is a bubbly personality who is passionate about helping others to succeed. We regularly keep in touch and I look forward to continuing to work with her as I get closer to jumping on the career ladder. If you're an undergrad that feels lost about what to do or how to get started, Nadia is the woman to go to!

Harrison - Geography Graduate

Nadia's tailored service in mentoring made the job application process focused and efficient. I was recommended her services through a friend and was pleasantly surprised with how friendly and personable she made the experience. After receiving very little feedback from the jobs I was applying for it was incredibly positive to hear some real feedback in how I was approaching applications and interviews and, importantly, where I could stand to improve. Her help shaping my CV and cover letters was incredibly beneficial in adding value to my application and improving my chances of traction with employers. Nadia's insightful honesty and constructive advise helped provide me with the direction needed to ensure no job opportunity was wasted and her thorough preparation assured I was confident and ready for any interview. Would absolutely recommend her services to anyone who is in need of advice or direction in the application process.

Taylor - FinTech Graduate Applicant

Nadia was absolutely amazing, she helped me with all aspects of my career journey. From the initial phone call we tailored the specific areas I needed to address in finding a graduate job. From day one my understanding of what’s needed to successfully land a job increased. Nadia helped me with everything from increasing the quality of my CV and cover letters to helping me find roles I would genuinely enjoy post-education. The area I felt most beneficial was in preparing me and boosting my confidence before interviews, I went in with a clear mind and prepared for the questions ahead. I couldn’t recommend Nadia more!!!!

Neneh - HSBC Global Banking and Markets, Cardylitics

Nadia has played an important role and has been a key support throughout my graduate application process. After finishing university, I still didn’t know what career path to follow. I had regular meetings with Nadia, where she helped me identify my skills, what I enjoyed doing and highlighted career options where both my skills and job satisfaction would be maximised. My classes with Nadia boosted my confidence and helped me be fully prepared for interviews and assessment centres. Following receiving a place on the graduate HSBC Global Banking programme, Nadia advised me on the advantages of working in the different banking sectors and the career progression, connections and bonuses associated with each.

Elin - Inside Government

Nadia recently provided me with some extremely useful guidance on how to formulate my CV to make it more clear and concise.She was extremely thorough, friendly but most importantly honest. I would highly recommend her services to any careers service and she certainly seems fit to be running her own.

Vasillis -  Kantor Booz & Co Affiliate

Nadia is very passionate about investing in candidates and helping them to maximise their potential, through her coaching and mentoring service. She helps & coaches young professionals to help them navigate through today's complex and increasingly faceless selection process. She uses a very professional way of approaching, brainstorming, building up and explaining a reasonable and well-structured thought process to me. Her advise and support played a determining role to my career switch.

Amy - Brand Manager The Body Shop

Nadia provided me with excellent graduate job application advise and guidance. Her expertise allowed me to drastically improve my competency in constructing effective and successful answers to graduate job applications and cover letters.