Case Studies


PPE Oxford Penultimate Year Student wanting a Summer Internship in Corporate Finance

Giles came for advice on how to tackle the application process for a summer internship in investment banking.   He had a few weeks relevant work experience.  On paper his CV looked good. However he didn't know where to find the best roles, when or who to apply to or how many applications he should make.  He was overwhelmed and a little stuck!

We decided to focus on JPM, Goldman, Deutsche and HSBC.  Each of these have a very different application process which we studied together.  Then we found common skills and questions that they were all looking for.

We spent 2 sessions working on this; planning answers, researching the companies and practising credible, generic answers that could be applied across many different scenarios. 

Finally, Giles booked in for a Zoom Video Simulation mock interview assessment with me for 30 minutes with a further 30 minute feedback session.

Whilst Giles was well prepared, he would have failed this interview had it been the real thing. I found gaps in his CV where he lacked knowledge on past experiences, he failed my questions around assessing his drive and motivation and he became flustered with how the interview was going once he had been unable to answer a couple of questions.  During our feedback, I explained how to rectify his mistakes, how to handle difficult questions and how to steer the interview your way.  I gave some quite brutal feedback on areas of his CV that were embellished.  Giles learned some valuable lessons and tips that could only be learned during a real mock interview.


History LSE Final Year Student - Warwick

Savannah wants to work in a sales role either in an investment bank or an interdealer broker.  She has not been successful in securing an offer to date and did not gain a summer internship in any relevant field,  so this was going against her in her search for a full time graduate role. On interviewing an assessing Savannah, I learned that she has her own, successful online business where clients use her platform to sell their reused, recycled, organic, homegrown, plastic-free, environmentally friendly goods and she had multiple examples of her natural entrepreneurial aptitude growing up. She has a natural sales profile in person but was unable to "shine" on paper.  During our first session, I reviewed her applications to date and it was immediately evident why she was getting repeat rejections.   Her applications lacked focus, understanding of the company/function she was applying for and her "why me" and "why us" answers were generic and weak.  She had not translated her natural sales and entrepreneurial skills to the roles she was applying for and she did not demonstrate any real passion to work in the industry.  We addressed the issues, practiced some answers and she booked another session for a mock interview of 30 minutes with another 30 minutes of feedback.  I gave her a pretty accurate broker interview having recruited many interdealer graduates.  Savannah is now completing her Masters and about to re-apply this season for a full time graduate role.

Focussed Graduate eg LSE Finance Society Student / Previous Summer Intern looking for Full-Time

I help many students who are focussed, prepared and know exactly what they want to achieve and who they want to apply to.  These candidates have heard about me through linked in (as I provide advice on the career hub - come and fine me there!) or through word of mouth.  They know how competitive graduate roles are and invest in booking a mock interview before the real thing!  I usually suggest one hour for a 30 minute mock interview / video assessment / case study plus a further 30 minutes of feedback.