Case Studies

Case Study Examples:


Belgian Law Graduate

Bertrand, a Law graduate fluent in English and French, sought a career change but struggled to find his niche. With a passion for sustainability, he lacked direction. I suggested exploring Amcor, a global packaging firm renowned for innovation and sustainability. We delved into researching the company and sector expertise, crafting a winning application strategy. Within 8 weeks, Bertrand secured an offer and is now progressing through Amcor's management trainee scheme, globally rotating within the company.

Katy - Sixth Form Student wanting to gain an Apprenticeship

Katy aspired to enter media or marketing through an apprenticeship route, seeking guidance on where to begin and how to present herself effectively. Together, we devised a strategy to showcase her writing and creative skills, leveraging her extracurricular activities to enhance her profile. Over three months, we identified apprenticeship opportunities, built her LinkedIn presence, and developed her commercial awareness in the sectors. We collaborated on application processes and conducted mock interviews, providing support throughout her A Levels. Katy valued the encouragement and assistance in navigating the rigorous recruitment journey.

Dan - Ambitious student focussed on gaining an Investment Banking Spring Week

Dan enlisted my help to excel in a competitive Spring Week program at an Investment Bank. Despite receiving assessment center invitations, he sought coaching to maximize his chances. Through mock interviews, I identified gaps in Dan's research, knowledge depth, and personal narrative. Delighted with the coaching experience, Dan secured three Spring Week offers.


PPE Oxford Penultimate Year Student wanting a Summer Internship in Corporate Finance

Giles sought help for landing a summer internship in investment banking. Despite relevant experience, he felt lost in the application process.

We targeted top firms, dissecting their application processes and identifying common requirements. Through two sessions, we crafted responses, researched companies, and practiced adaptable answers.

Giles then underwent a 30-minute mock interview, followed by feedback. Despite preparation, he struggled with gaps in his CV and handling tough questions. Feedback focused on rectifying mistakes and refining his approach, providing valuable insights for future interviews.


History LSE Final Year Student - Warwick

Savannah aimed for sales roles in investment banking or interdealer brokering but faced hurdles due to lack of internship experience and unsuccessful applications. Upon assessment, I discovered her natural sales talent and successful online business, showcasing her entrepreneurial skills. However, her applications lacked focus and failed to convey her passion for the industry. In our sessions, we addressed these issues, practiced responses, and conducted a mock interview tailored to interdealer broker roles. Now armed with insights, Savannah is preparing to reapply for full-time graduate roles after completing her Masters.


These are not candidate's real names