Employer Client Delivery Services

Employer Client Delivery Services "RPO"

Nadia is a seasoned professional in Early Careers, proficient in handling recruitment process outsourcing services "RPO" such as marketing, attraction, interviewing, and assessment centers. Whether working independently or with external teams, Nadia has proven expertise in her field.
Currently, working as a member of the Wilkinson Partners' Early Careers Outsourcing Team, Nadia manages volume recruitment campaigns, on-campus programs, and outsourced screening and selection processes. Additionally, she is a coach to Access Alternatives participants, a Wilkinson Partners charity initiative dedicated to rectifying gender imbalances in financial services recruitment.

Access Alternatives

Access Alternatives, a registered charity, partners with State schools across the UK. We recognise the advantage privately educated candidates often have in accessing career advice, networking, and confidence-building opportunities. Our focus lies on supporting women who may lack such advantages, especially considering the significant ratio of state school pupils to privately educated ones. Through our experience, we've observed that female and diverse candidates may face challenges in performance, technical skills, and commercial acumen, areas crucial in our industry.

Meet some of our Access Alternatives Programme Participants:

Brea Chatto

Isobel Coetzee

Zahra Kateregga

Miranda Rolfe

Moselle Mintah

Chenrui Zhang

Janna Zoughari



​If you are interested in finding out more about Access Alternatives or Wilkinson Partners, contact Vivienne Machado vivienne@wilkinsonpartners.com

If you are interested in contacting Nadia, you can reach her here Nadia or via email: nadia@nailyourinterview.co.uk