Is Nail It! for Me?

When is the best time to book your Nail It! session with us?

Our Nail It! services are designed for young people who are:

  • University students applying for entry-level roles who are looking for employer-led advice, real mock interview and assessment practice
  • School leavers wanting to fast track to the most exciting apprenticeship employers
  • Sixth form students looking for career and university guidance with tips on how to maximise your hiring potential to employers during your time at university
  • Second-jobbers with up to 5 years' work experience looking for bespoke coaching and interview practice

Nailing a job is a skill, just like learning any skill.  It requires deliberate and sustained effort, commitment and repetition.  Malcolm Gladwell in his book "Outliers, The Story of Success" repeatedly mentions the 10,000-hour rule to achieve expertise in any area.

We are not suggesting you spend 10,000 hours with us, but his book is food-for-thought on how someone’s potential could be overlooked by an employer due to lack of preparation. Schools and universities do their best to provide good careers advice however they have their limitations because this is not their area of expertise.  

Facing today’s competitive and impersonal job market alone is tough.  It’s like taking an exam without any schooling or support.  It is possible with self-study, but it’s going to be a laborious, often hit-and-miss process.

Our skill is preparing young people for the work place – helping you to get the job you aspire to. We draw from our experience recruiting world leading entry-level programmes on behalf of our clients. However, this time, you are our client.

Employers ask us to find candidates who have the "X Factor" because they recognise that with training and investment, these "X Factor" candidates will become their future leaders. We believe that with our quality coaching, everyone can have the “X Factor” and we want to share our inside knowledge with you.