How to Grow your Career by Helping Others

This holds a place in my heart because it reflects a hard lesson from my own experience. It took me a decade to grasp the power of networking. But once I did, my career progressed, and I found a new sense of engagement.

A pivotal moment in my networking journey was when I came up with a  #payitforward initiative where I conducted free career seminars on LinkedIn. The decision came from a place of deep concern for young people. At the time, I was working with a client who didn't offer post-interview feedback—which troubled me deeply. I believe candidates deserve feedback and insights to learn and grow from their interview experiences. Recognising my ability to make a difference, I spent hours to develop interview skills workshops. The response was overwhelming and the positive feedback I received from students joining my webinars not only clarified student’s desire to learn and improve their interview techniques, it also surprisingly opened many doors…..

From the #payitforward workshops, my career coaching business was born, leading to invitations from universities and schools for webinars and personalized coaching sessions. Additionally, I secured a position with an Immersive Career Experience training company and attracted new consulting clients for a variety of roles for some really interesting companies.