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Rules for Successful Networking

RULE 1 - Express Gratitude: Say THANK YOU! Profusely thank everyone who assists you, both personally and publicly. Acknowledge their help in the circles that matter to them, whether it's through LinkedIn shout-outs, liking their posts, or celebrating their achievements. Failure to express gratitude can jeopardize valuable connections. Make it a habit to show appreciation for kindness and time invested in you.

RULE 2 – Offer Support: Think creatively about how you can reciprocate. Consider mentoring younger individuals in their network or offering assistance with university choices, personal statements, or tutoring.

RULE 3 – Be Prepared: Prioritise quality over quantity in your conversations. Have a concise 10-minute chat in mind and respect their time. Research their LinkedIn profile and understand their role beforehand. Prepare open-ended questions to engage them and demonstrate genuine interest. Always express gratitude before delving into your questions and offer your support in return.

RULE 4 – Follow Up: Proactively follow-up on your learning and express gratitude once again. Remind them of your willingness to assist them in any way possible

Some open questions to consider:

  • What advice would they give their 20-year-old self?
  • Can they explain their career journey and how they got into their current role?
  • What skills have been instrumental in their success?
  • What challenges do juniors/grads typically face in their field?
  • Any advice for developing commercial knowledge in the sector?
  • Recommendations for further learning resources or connections?
  • How has their industry evolved, and what opportunities and challenges lie ahead?
  • Their perspective on sustainability and green initiatives in their field?
  • How is their field impacted by digital innovation and tech/ai?
  • Show interest in their personal life and offer assistance where possible.