Enhancing Your Personal Pitch

A personal pitch is something we need to have refined.  It needs to be something we have ready in various forms and is the start of every conversation.  It is particularly important when we are talking to someone we do not know, when introducing ourselves and is vital to make a good impression.  Having a personal pitch up your sleeve, helps us to feel confident and prepared for every new conversation.

The personal pitch is vital to set off an interview to a good start!  Particularly if it is delivered with your 'destination in mind' - where you want to be and why you are having this conversation.

Connecting not only develops opportunities, it also helps to formulate our personal pitch—our 'why me'. Many of us haven't considered articulating our personal pitch or ‘unique value proposition’ in a concise manner.  Many of us have never verbalised it before an interview. Therefore, by engaging within our warm circles, we can refine and practice this personal pitch. After all, the beginning of every conversation, whether it's networking or an interview, hinges on our 'why'. Through consistent practice, starting with our trusted connections, we become adept at communicating our why effectively, allowing us to better understand our 'why' and refine how we deliver it with impact. – very important when it comes to interview!