Connecting - How Can I Avoid Coming Across as Annoying?

Creating connections that are mutually beneficial is key to avoiding the perception of being annoying. Relationships thrive when there's a balance of give and take, ensuring sustainability over time.

Fortunately, connecting is simpler than it seems, as people naturally enjoy talking about themselves. Mastering the art of asking open-ended questions to prompt conversation is crucial. This skill also serves as a secret weapon in acing interviews, as it creates the impression of expertise beyond our actual knowledge. By getting the interviewer to engage we also establish a deeper connection that increases our chances of advancing to the next round. Transitioning from being a mere 'name' on their interview schedule to someone with whom they've formed a personal rapport with significantly boosts our prospects. Personally, I remember candidates who built a rapport with me—I’m more likely to support them and give them my time.  Perhaps more importantly if they are not successful. 

Ultimately, the more curious and interpersonal you are, the greater the rewards of forging connections. Understanding the importance of developing professional relationships is vital; you're essentially laying the groundwork for your future career path, building multiple pathways for success in the future.